Other Combined Recycling Plant Facilities

NRC Plant

Concrete crushing facility: 2,400 mt/day

Pieces of concrete are crushed for recycling as aggregate.

In this facility concrete from demolished buildings etc. is crushed for recycling as aggregate. 2,400 mt of concrete are processed daily. The concrete is separated from any reinforcing bars and then crushed, graded and sorted. Recycled aggregate is produced in different sizes: 0-20 mm, 20-40 mm and 0-40 mm, and recycled.

This aggregate has a variety of uses: as subbase course material beneath road surfaces, as surrounding material (sand) for pipes, in sewers and in construction.


Carbonization Plant

24 mt/day × 1 = 24 mt/day

A resource-recycling facility where wood chips are converted into usable charcoal while their volatile components are reused as combustion gas.

This 1 mt per hour production capacity plant indirectly uses heat from waste incineration to create a low-oxygen environment with temperatures of 400-800°C for the production of charcoal in the rotary kilns. Combustible gas from charcoal production can then be used as fuel for waste incineration.

The charcoal obtained is used as an ingredient in the rice nursery soil produced by our Growing Soils business.

Dedicated Drum Incineration Facility

300 drums/day

Each drum can be automatically incinerated, whether solid, high viscosity or low flash point.

Each drum is automatically incinerated regardless of solids, high viscosity or low flash point. At the SSH plant, drums are automatically fed into the furnace, where they can be incinerated even if their contents have solidified, are highly viscous or have a low flash point. After incineration they are recovered as scrap metal and recycled.
The bottom left and right photos show the automatic loading of drums.

Waste Wood Crushing

480 mt/day

Garbage and metal are completely removed, and wood chips up to 50 mm in size are fed into the carbonization equipment.

Dry Distillation-Gasification Incinerator

12.8 mt/day

The objective here is to reduce waste volume and weight while at the same time stabilizing and detoxifying it.

This facility incinerates any combustible waste, reducing its volume. It is designed to utilize heat energy generated in garbage incineration for evaporation treatment of leachate from landfill disposal sites.