Controlled landfill disposal site

One of the best-equipped final disposal sites in the country, this facility makes use of the latest technology and combines environmental friendliness with safety.

In 2007, as a host of environmental problems were coming to the fore, we constructed a large controlled landfill disposal site. Having a landfill surface area and volume roughly equal to the size of Tokyo Dome, this controlled final waste disposal facility is on a sufficient scale for our planned long-term operations.


Main Specifications
Constructed in October 2019
Soil-bentonite foundation
Urethane-sprayed liner for seepage control

Artist’s rendering of landfill after completion The slope will be planted with trees.

埋立完了後の将来イメージAfter the landfill has been filled to capacity, this disposal site will be responsibly managed until its safety has been confirmed.

Types of Garbage

Cinders, sludge, slags, dust, plasterboards, waste asbestos etc.

One of the best-equipped controlled landfill disposal sites in the country, making use of the latest available technology, this facility combines environmental friendliness with safety.
Leachate is purified by membrane treatment in a high-performance water treatment facility.

DSC (Direct Spray Control) Process

It is not only the scale of this controlled landfill disposal site that matters. A further priority for Oono Associates is reliability, which is why we have utilized the DSC process. DSC uses polyurethane resin (rapid-curing sealant and cushioning sealant) sprayed directly on to a mortar undercoat. Bonding tightly to the mortar, the resin forms a robust, impervious layer.