Community Activities

Hot Spring Facilities

温泉施設We let local residents use our hot spring facilities free of charge.
Oono Associates Group hot springs are used by local residents, who delight in the high-quality natural hot spring water welling up from 1,000 meters below ground. (There are even an increasing number of customers who take our water home to have their own hot spring there.) In addition to the hot springs, our patrons have the use of on-site saunas.
These “welfare facilities” are also popular with our employees.

Cherry Blossom Festival

桜祭りIn the nearby Tsuchiya district there is a beauty spot named Sakurasanri that is famous for its cherry trees.
The over 320-year-old genta-zakura cherry tree (a Toon City designated natural monument) is the focal point of the Genta-Zakura cherry blossom festival, held every year in April. For Oono Associates as a local company, taking part in the festival means carrying on local traditions and deepening our relationship with the community.

Contact Festa with Working cars & Civil engineering construction machinery in Materra no Mori.

On May 19, 2019, we held an event in Matera no Mori where you can see and touch special vehicles and heavy machinery that are actually active at the construction site.
Many people visited the venue(event) on the day and everyone (so) enjoyed it very much.
We would like to continue to be a company loved(welcomed) by many people.