Social contribution activities

At present, environmental problems are issues not only in Japan but also worldwide, and are issues that transcend generations.
Oono-Associates tackle environmental issues with a clear vision and a wide-angle, long-term perspective.
We communicate with our customers, local communities, employees, and society(and everyone in society), and actively accumulate corporate actions toward society.

Ehime Prefecture “Ai – Road” Supporter Business

“Ai – Road Supporter Project” that the Ehime Prefectural Government takes the lead in promoting community development on the stage of property (road) shared by local residents.
From this time, we have become the supporters.
It will be implemented and continued on a regular basis in the future.
(We will continue to implement it on a regular basis in the future.)


Contact Festa with Working cars & Civil engineering construction machinery in Materra no Mori.

On May 19, 2019, we held an event in Matera no Mori where you can see and touch special vehicles and heavy machinery that are actually active at the construction site.
Many people visited the venue(event) on the day and everyone (so) enjoyed it very much.
We would like to continue to be a company loved(welcomed) by many people.


Membership of Japan Disaster Treatment Systems (JDTS)

At times of unprecedented disasters like the Great East Japan earthquake, Kumamoto earthquakes and 2017 Northern Kyūshū floods, we swiftly and efficiently process disaster wreckage as a member of Japan Disaster Treatment Systems (JDTS). By transporting wreckage from the affected areas to Frep Tōon, Sensho Unyu makes an immediate contribution to recovery and reconstruction.

About Japan Disaster Treatment SystemsJDTS is an association of private companies set up to support rapid recovery and reconstruction in disaster-stricken areas through fast, appropriate treatment and recycling of disaster wreckage. This association is recognized by the Ministry of the Environment’s Disaster Waste Treatment Support Network (D.Waste-Net).

Japan Disaster Treatment Systems

Hot spring facility

We let local residents use our hot spring facilities free of charge.
The high-quality natural hot springs that spring from 1000m underground are very much appreciated by the local people.
The number of regular customers who bring back hot spring water and use hot springs at home has increased.
They also use the sauna attached to the hot spring.
It is also popular as a welfare facility for employees.


Courses are open to the public free of charge to promote the healthy development of children.

Sports support

We believe that the decline in children’s physical strength has an adverse effect on the acquisition of “zest for life” such as rich humanity and the ability to think for themselves, and hinders the development of human resources with rich creativity and humanity.
We think it is an important issue that cannot be ignored.
So the Strider course is open to the public free of charge to improve the basic physical strength of children.
Since it is a dedicated course, it is a facility that you can use with confidence.


Oono-Associates support local sports teams, sporting events and athletes from Ehime prefecture.

  • Professional golfer
    Yui Kawamoto

  • Mountain bike Professional rider
    Naoki Idegawa

  • Amateur golfer
    Tetsutarou Hara

  • Ehime football club

  • Orange Vikings ehime

  • Japan Fencing Federation

  • Motor sports

2020 AUTOBACS SUPER GT Round1 Round2 Round5 Round8
Takanokono hotel FUJI GT 300km RACE Round sponsor

Ehimemarathon2020 Sponsorship



For Oono Associates, work is not the only priority – we also try every day to be mindful of the environment. So we have banned vehicle idling on sites to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, we give priority to other road vehicles in order to relieve traffic congestion, and we reuse excavated soil instead of treating it as waste.

Advanced Operations Management System for Fast, Appropriate and Efficient Vehicle Dispatching

The Oono Associates transport fleet comprises over 200 vehicles. Instructions based on vehicle type, load, highway regulations, traffic information etc. can all be transmitted from our Headquarters to individual drivers. Using smartphone GPS and a computer-based system that provides highly accurate identification of a vehicle’s location entirely from the driver’s phone, instructions for a faster route can be sent, or a sudden collection request can be transmitted quickly and accurately to the nearest driver. To ensure that our transport operations are fully compliant with prefectural and national law, we apply for special vehicle operation permits etc., as well as applying to road administrators and the police for other permits and licenses.

turning off a vehicle engine when stopped

General vehicle-fast