President’s Message

I wish to thank you most sincerely for your continuing patronage of Oono Associates.

Since its foundation, our company has been driven by a philosophy of ‘making people happy by meeting society’s needs’, and we have pursued a long-term, future-focused capital investment program. Apart from waste treatment, other challenges that were not foreseeable when our company started out have emerged one after another. These include environmental problems relating to soil contamination, the global issue of POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants), and demolition work required by the obsolescence of large buildings and civil engineering structures from the construction boom of the high-growth era.

When we opened the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (Oono Labo) in 2009, our intention was to be able to address these problems quickly, effectively and confidently. We were the first company in Ehime Prefecture to receive a permit to treat contaminated soil and set up a plant capable of detoxifying both waste and contaminated soil. After insulating oils, transformers and capacitors, the next requirement was for processing PCB-contaminated special machines and large appliances, and we set up a new plant to deal with these items. In our demolition business, we began to bring in large, heavy machines that could resolve the challenges of safety, environmental friendliness and speed all at once.

The above-mentioned facilities and machines are operated by people. Along with our equipment investments of recent years, the number of our employees has grown steadily. Our challenge for the future is to nurture people who are driven by the ambition to make a difference to society with the latest technology, becoming a company that can solve social problems with its global vision and appeal to the young people who represent the future.

In August 2016, Oono Associates celebrated its 50th anniversary. At the same time, a director who, with ‘making people happy’ as his motto, had tackled a great variety of challenges in the preceding half-century handed the reins over to a new representative director. Although there has been a change at the top, the former director’s ‘spirit’ has been passed down unchanged to each of our employees, in waste treatment and in our other businesses; and passion and pride in our expertise are what drive us in our daily work. We appreciate your custom and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Teruo Ōno
Representative Director
Oono Associates Inc.