The SK3500D – One of the World’s Largest Demolition Machines

With a maximum working height of 65 m, the newly introduced SK3500D is one of the largest demolition machines in the world. In addition to its wide 200-ton crawler crane undercarriage with low center of gravity for maximum stability, this machine is equipped with a range of safety devices, a powerful engine and a variety of booms and attachments for safety and high performance in building demolition work. In future it will show its safety and efficiency not only when working on high-rise buildings, but also in the demolition of large-scale industrial plants. And we believe that this machine will prove its worth in disaster assistance operations too.

The SK3500D can be fitted with a crusher (maximum 19 tons capacity)

The SK3500D version with a 47-meter ultra-long three-part folding attachment and 41-meter demolition working height can be fitted with a KR1600TPR 12-ton class crusher, while the version with a 32 m separate boom can be fitted with a KR2000TPR 19-ton class ultra-large crusher.

A special high-altitude demolition cab tiltable up to 30°is installed.

The machine has a special cab for demolition work, with an excellent upward field of view. Tiltable up to 30°, the cab ensures comfort during overhead work.

The advanced safety design that you expect in a high-altitude demolition machine

  • Even if the hydraulic tubing fails, a safety mechanism prevents the boom from falling.
  • A body tilt alert system sounds a buzzer when the maximum safe tilt angle is exceeded.
  • An attachment-end camera and a rear-view camera enable the operator to monitor the work and check safety from inside the cab.
  • The lever lock and pedal lock prevent accidental operation during work.
  • The onboard isolating lever lock hydraulically locks all levers and pedals.

Outline Dimensions (during operation)

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