Asbestos Analysis Business

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Asbestos Analysis Business

The “Ordinance on Prevention of Health Impairment due to Asbestos” states the preventive measures for asbestos exposure during the operation of dismantling buildings, etc., where it obligates the investigation of asbestos content. We conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of asbestos in construction products, etc., as well as the dismantling of / asbestos removal from buildings along with analyzing and measuring asbestos in the air of the work environment.

Investigation of asbestos within building materials


1. Sample collection

Our sampling staff will go and collect samples upon request. When taking samples, we take anti-scattering measures for the surrounding environment (e.g. humidifying, vinyl sheet curing).

2. Qualitative analysis

Based on the JIS A 1481-1 Sampling and qualitative determination of asbestos in commercial bulk materials, the qualitative analysis will be conducted with a phase-contrast polarized light microscopy.

3. Quantitative analysis

If the qualitative analysis confirmed the presence of asbestos, a quantitative analysis will be conducted with a X-ray diffraction equipment based on the JIS A 1481-3 Quantitative determination of asbestos by X-ray diffraction method (base of asbestos determination: not exceeding 0.1%).

Measurement of asbestos concentration in the air

The asbestos concentration in the air of the work environment caused by dismantling or asbestos removal will be measured for buildings confirmed to have been built with material(s) containing asbestos.

1. Dust collection

The appropriate sampling method for the air, room and work environments will be selected corresponding to each objective.

2. Calculation of asbestos fiber amount and concentration

Using a phase-contrast polarized light microscopy, asbestos fiber within collected samples will be counted to calculate the asbestos concentration in the air.