Analyzers Used, Qualified Professionals, Statutory Designations etc.

Analyzers used

We deploy cutting-edge analyzers and measuring devices to conduct analyses tailored to customers’ requirements.
Using several types of equipment yields more accurate values, allowing us to provide reliable results to our customers.

Inorganic Analyzers

Device Name Application
N/P auto analyzer Automatic analysis of nitrogen and phosphorus
Cyanide/fluorine/phenol autoanalyzer Automatic analysis of cyanide, fluorine and phenol
Ion chromatograph Automatic analysis of positive and negative ions
Atomic absorption photometer Analysis of metals and semi-metals
Automatic mercury analyzer Analysis of inorganic mercury
Double beam spectrophotometer Analysis of hexavalent chromium and various ions
ICP emission spectrometric analyzer Simultaneous analysis of metals
Wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer Non-destructive inspection of metals
X-ray diffractometer Measurement of asbestos and free silicic acid levels

Organic Analyzers

Device Name Application
Gas chromatograph mass spectrometer Analysis of volatile organic compounds and agricultural chemicals
ECD gas chromatograph Analysis of organic chlorinated substances and agricultural chemicals
FPD gas chromatograph Analysis of agricultural chemicals
High-performance liquid chromatograph Analysis of organic chemicals with high boiling points

Other Equipment

Device Name Application
Germanium semi-conductor detector Measurement of radioactivity levels
NaI(TI) scintillation survey meter Measurement of radiation dose rate
Oil content meter Analysis of oils
Phase difference/dispersion microscope Investigation of minerals and aquatic life
Polarized light microscope Measurement of asbestos levels
Calorimeter Measurement of heat energy (calorimetry)
Particle size analyzer Measurement of particle size distribution

Statutory Registration and Designation

Measurement certification business Classification of Business: Concentration (business related to the concentration of substances in water or soil)
Registration no.: Ehime prefecture, no. KAN-50
Designated investigation institution Registration no.: Ministry of the Environment, KAN 2011-6-1002
Working environment measurement agency Type of workplace: Enforcement Ordinance of the Working Environment Measurement Law, Attached Table, paragraph (1) – dust
       Enforcement Ordinance of the Working Environment Measurement Law, Attached Table, paragraph (3) – specified chemical substances
       Enforcement Ordinance of the Working Environment Measurement Law, Attached Table, paragraph (5) – organic solvents
Registration no.: 38-20

Qalified professionals

Certified environmental measurers Concentration(5 people)
Class one working environment measurement experts Mineral dust (3), specified chemical substances (2), organic solvents (2), metals (1)
Pollution control managers Class one water quality managers (5), class one air quality managers (2), dioxin control managers (2)
Soil contamination inspection technology managers 4
Class one high pressure gas operation safety chief 1
Class one hazardous materials engineer 1


Academic advisor Shinsuke Tanabe Distinguished professor, Ehime University
Academic advisor Hidenori Hayashi Specially Appointed Professor, Ehime University