Soil Contamination Countermeasures Business

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Soil Contamination Countermeasures Business

In recent years, dealing with contaminated soil has assumed ever greater importance in the wake of land sales, real estate securitization and changes to the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act.
In September 2011, Oono Associates became a designated investigation institution. We can provide a complete service for factory decommissioning, ranging from soil contamination investigations to building demolition and contaminated soil treatment.

Details of designated investigation institution
Name: Oono Associates Inc.
Designation no.: KAN-2011-6-1002

1.Geographical and historical investigation

We will conduct material surveys, hearing surveys, and field surveys to understand the risk of soil contamination in the survey area.


Select a section such as sampling to collect soil gas or soil samples.



3. Analysis


Analyze specific harmful substances in the collected soil gas or soil samples.

〔Analysis method〕

Soil gas survey:Ministry of the Environment Notification No. 16 (GC-MS method)
Elution amount survey:Ministry of the Environment Notification No. 18
Content survey:Ministry of the Environment Notification No. 19

4. Countermeasures

If soil contamination is confirmed as a result of the analysis, the extent of contamination will be determined by a detailed investigation, and purification measures will be implemented in collaboration with our related departments.