Frequently Asked Questions

About Treatment

Q.I don’t know how low-level PCB waste is treated and disposed of.

Please contact us via telephone or the contact form. We’ll ask you for some information about your low-concentration PCB waste (type of appliance, manufacturer, storage conditions etc.); then we’ll propose a plan for the waste from collection to treatment.

Q.I don’t know if PCBs were used in my appliance.

If our analysis shows a PCB level over 0.5, your appliance is classed as low-concentration PCB waste and must be treated at a low-concentration PCB waste treatment facility authorized by the Minister of the Environment or a prefectural government.

Q.Can you accept an electrical appliance that still has low-concentration PCB oil in it?

Yes, we can. At our facility we have a pretreatment room with an area for draining and packing appliances; so we can accept undrained appliances, provided that they are not leaking.

Price Quotations and Costs

Q.Roughly how much does treatment cost?

Please state the type and volume of low-concentration PCB waste in our appliance list format and send this to us, and we’ll provide you with an initial price estimate. We’ll then visit your site to do an inspection, and create a final price quotation based on the information we have obtained.

Q.What is the largest size of appliance that you can process?

Provided that they can be transported to our facility, we can process appliances of any size.