Waste Treatment Order Process

1. Customer inquiry

Our planning staff will ask you about the type of PCB, quantity, storage conditions etc.

2. PCB Analysis

3. Result of Low-Concentration PCB Waste Analysis

  • ≤0.5 ppm → not for treatment
  • 0.5~5,000 ppm → on-site check
  • >5,000 ppm → to JESCO

4. On-Site Check

  • We check dimensions, oil quantity, storage situation etc.
  • If a price quotation is necessary for budget purposes etc., we’ll provide an initial price estimate.

5. Final Price Quotation

6. Review of Contract

  • We discuss the details of the contract with you.
  • We also ask you to complete, together with the contract, our Customer Registration Form and Low-Concentration PCB Waste Treatment Investigation Form and send these to us.

7. Collection and Transport

  • When we take the waste away, we’ll provide you with a manifest.

8. Pretreatment and treatment

  • After transporting the waste to our facility, we drain (deoil) and pack the waste before transferring it to an incinerator.

9. Completion of treatment

  • On completion of waste treatment, we’ll send you an updated manifest.