Toyo Saiseki Co., Ltd.

Perfect for high-strength concrete, our crushed stone and manufactured sand are the only aggregates for ready-mixed concrete that you’ll ever need.
Our production and shipping capacity is sufficient to meet the demands of any major Nankai-area earthquake or emergency evacuation in the future.

Toyo Saiseki not only strives to make high-quality products; it is also committed to creating a site environment that is people-friendly and easy to work in.
With an extensive working area for large vehicles, and cutting-edge large heavy machines to improve work safety and efficiency, our new stone-crushing plant leads the way in ensuring safety and peace of mind.


Company Name Toyo Saiseki Co., Ltd.
Office address Otsu 3-3 Tanbara-Chō Sekiya, Saijō-shi, Ehime-ken, 791-0527 Japan
How to Contact TEL +81-898-75-3111
Founded December 21, 1971
Capital Stock JPY 10,000,000
Business Activities Production and sale of crushed stone and manufactured sand
Products Crushed Stone for Concrete 4010A / Crushed Stone for Concrete 2010A / Crushed Stone for Concrete 1505A
Concrete Aggregate A (Dry / Wet) / Single-Grain Crushed Stone: Sizes 5, 6 and 7 / General Banking Material for Land Consolidation / etc.
Representative Directors Teruo Ōno