About Our Group Companies

Oono Associates Group’s broad spectrum of activities

Our Group companies include Toyo Saiseki Co., Ltd., which produces sand and crushed stone; Nikkei Fresh Concrete Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells ready-mixed concrete; Sensho Co., Ltd., which collects and transports industrial waste; and Materra Co., Ltd., which develops functional fibers. Other Group companies that will be familiar to the average consumer as hospitality businesses are Takanoko-no-yu Onsen (Hot Spring), Takanoko-no Hotel, and Himehiko Onsen.

  • 株式会社 千照運輸・有限会社 千照運輸ロード川内

    Sensho Co., Ltd. and Sensho Unyu Load Kawauchi Ltd.

    We supply various types of vehicles from small to large.We can meet your needs by providing special vehicles.

  • 株式会社トーヨー砕石

    Toyo Saiseki Co., Ltd.

    Perfect for high-strength concrete, our crushed stone and manufactured sand are the only aggregates for ready-mixed concrete that you’ll ever need. Our production and shipping capacity is sufficient to meet the demands of any major Nankai-area earthquake or emergency evacuation in the future.

  • 株式会社日景生コン

    Nikkei Fresh Concrete Co., Ltd.

    With our eyes on the future, we’re constantly taking on new challenges. To build the cities of our dreams, we are committed to improving quality and ensuring reliable product supply.

  • 株式会社マテラ

    Materra Co., Ltd.

    The name ‘Materra’ is derived from ‘mater’, (Latin for ‘mother’) and the English word ‘material’. Materra is a natural stone from Mother Earth.

  • たかのこの湯・たかのこのホテル

    Takanokono Hot Spring and Takanokono Hotel,

    Pamper yourself to the full as you float comfortably and experience a timeless moment of relaxation.

  • 媛彦温泉

    Himehiko Onsen (Hot Spring)

    A natural ‘onsen’ welling up from 1,000 meters underground, Himehiko Onsen in Matsuyama City (Ehime Prefecture) features a large main bath and 20 family bathrooms, some with open-air baths, where you can relax in comfort.