Low-concentration PCB analysis


From the range of analysis methods at our disposal, we select the most appropriate one for rapid and accurate analysis.

From sampling to analysis

1. Sampling

Analysts from Oono Associates’ Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (Oono Labo) visit the site to collect samples.

We can also send sampling kits to customers for them to take samples themselves, which they can then send to Oono Labo.

2. Analysis

At Oono Labo, we use two types of simplified quantitative methods and one rapid determination method to conduct efficient and reliable analysis at an affordable price.

N.B.: The time taken to report the results depends on the size of the sample.

We will report the analysis results in a minimum of one week.

3. Analysis Result

  • ≤0.5 ppm → not classed as PCB waste
  • >0.5 ppm → classed as PCB waste

What happens to items classed as PCB waste?