Pyrolysis Treatment Facility

Pyrolysis Treatment Facility

Contaminated soil is completely detoxified by calcination in a rotary kiln.

Treatment Capacity 360 mt/day × 2 = 720 mt/day

Contaminated soil is detoxified by heat treatment (calcination) at temperatures of up to 1,200°C in a counterflow rotary kiln furnace.

Compatible with all specified toxic items such as PCBs, mercury, DXN, etc.








The object to be treated is directly heated (600 to 1,100 ° C) to separate and decompose.

Organic substances (including dioxins) are decomposed by heat, and heavy metals are volatilized and stabilized.
Volatilized heavy metals and harmful substances are removed (separated) by the exhaust gas treatment equipment.



Fully equipped with indoor storage facility

 ・Storage area about 5,000㎡
・Quick unloading is performed on a 10t x 2units overhead crane.
・It is possible to deal with a large amount of occurrence with a margin.


Fully equipped with a sorting / bag breaking room with negative pressure control

・Storage area about 1,400㎡
・It also supports crushing and classification of mercury, PCB, VOC and DXNs contaminated soil.
・It is possible to handle a variety of properties, such as having a pit dedicated to high moisture content soil.




・It consists of a rotary kiln + a secondary combustion chamber +a gas combustion furnace, and detoxify harmful substances.
・A wet product recovery system is used to suppress the generation of dust.
・The detoxified soil is recycled as high quality burnt sand.