Nikkei Fresh Concrete Co., Ltd.

With our eyes on the future,

we’re constantly taking on new challenges.

To build the cities of our dreams, we are committed to improving quality and ensuring reliable product supply.
All operations from making a single grain of aggregate to producing and delivering concrete take place within our Group. Our goal for the future is to create a secure and reassuring environment.


Company Name Nikkei Fresh Concrete Co., Ltd.
Office Address Matsuyama Plant: 6-16-4 Kukō-dōri, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime-ken, 790-0054 Japan
Kawauchi Plant: Otsu 826-3 Kawanouchi, Tōon-shi, Ehime-ken, 791-0321 Japan
How to Contact Matsuyama Plant : TEL +81-89-965-4074
Kawauchi Plant : TEL +81-89-966-2323
Founded June 29, 1994
Capital Stock JPY 10,000,000
Production Capacity Matsuyama Plant – 150㎥/h+120㎥/h
Kawauchi Plant – 120㎥/h
Number of Vehicles 35 large mixer trucks, 15 small mixer trucks, 8 pumping trucks
Business Activities Production and sale of ready-mixed concrete
Representative Director Kikuo Shinomori

We manufacture in a Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism-authorized factory.

Due to the spread of high-rise RC used for buildings, higher safety and durability for seismic resistance are in demand. The importance of high-strength concrete are being featured more to meet this demand.
We, alone in the ready-mixed concrete factory, obtained authorization for design strength of up to 60N / mm2 using normal Portland cement and low-heat Portland cement. Furthermore, as we are building on in our experience with manufacturing and delivering of high-strength concrete, the scope of authorization for design strength has risen up to 80N/mm (★) using low-heat Portland cement.

Salt-free Screened Sand Concrete

Our aggregate uses crushed stones from a single quarry, extracted by Toyo Saiseki.

While concerns are rising over faked seismic resistance, the Nankai earthquakes, and the reliability of concrete buildings, each and every single particle matters now more than ever.
It is the sand! Sodium in sand corrodes rebar little by little. Nikkei Fresh Concrete ready-mixed concrete is manufactured 100% with “salt-free screened sand” produced by Toyo Saiseki. The sense of security for the future, we believe, begins with the sincere selection of each grain of sand.

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