What packaging can we accept?

What Packaging Can We Accept?

Our treatment facility is capable of processing all forms of low-concentration PCB waste produced in Japan. Also, provided that guidelines on collection and transport of packaging are followed, packaging from which oil is not leaking or seeping may be acceptable, even if the appliance has not been drained.

Type Types (image) Notes

Large appliances

 大型機器 ・Items of any size can be accepted for processing.
・Both drained and undrained items can be accepted.
・PCB content must be ≤5,000 ppm.
N.B.: This does not apply to very small quantities of PCB waste.




Other electrical appliances  switches etc.

Oil-filled cables

Drums containing contaminated items Combustibles

Rags, acid waste etc.

We do not accept special flammable materials.

Scrap metal etc.

Drums containing activated charcoal


Drums containing sludge

 汚泥入り Please contact us for advice about single items weighing over 200 kg.

Other drums

 ドラム缶 Drums containing PCB oils, empty drums etc.